2. Guitarist festival – winner is ….

Široki Brijeg – Second edition of Guitarist festival is finished, and again, we must say big thank you all who submited original composed guitar music – says in festival managment.

This year, beside main award for best performance, we will announce and winners for best composed music and best guitar music video.

Festival jury had a sweet problems, between various styles to pick up one – said Valentno Zeljko main manager and director of festival.

Festival manage 3 categories:

  • best guitar music video,
  • best original composed music and
  • MAIN global category where we value the complete impression and performance.


Category best guitar music video – best work is Hymn for the earth directed by Eloi Tomàs.

Category best original composed music – composition Hymn for the earth by David Pelham.

Guitarist festival Široki Brijeg – logo
Udruga Standard Široki Brijeg

Main category best perforamce, 3rd place Bojan Dizdarevic, composition Anie’waltz.

Main category best performance 2nd place , Mariana Gomez, composition Hymn fort the earth.

MAIN CATEGORY complete impression, 1st PLACE GRAND PRIX, Benedikt Ostojić, composition In bound.


Benedikt Ostojić private foto archive, from Mostar concert with symphony orchestra in 2022
Mariana Gomez from Mexico, marvelous performance in Hymn for the Earth, award 2nd place
Bojan Dizdarević Melodic fast clean and vivace

Festival organization also will provide and send certificates of awards by post mail.

This festival is supported by City of Siroki Brijeg, and Foundation of music, scene and fine arts Sarajevo.

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